Ninja Performance 3000GT Stealth Oil Cooler Braided Hose Kit

Ninja Performance 3000GT Stealth Oil Cooler Braided Hose Kit Replace your old rusted and leaking oil cooler hoses with this Stainless Steel or Black Nylon Braided Hose Kit for a fraction of the cost of...
item material: Stainless Steel
Color: Black
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Ninja Performance 3000GT Stealth Oil Cooler Braided Hose Kit

Replace your old rusted and leaking oil cooler hoses with this Stainless Steel or Black Nylon Braided Hose Kit for a fraction of the cost of the OEM hoses.

The OEM Oil Cooler may seem small when compared to larger aftermarket oil coolers but the fact is the OEM Oil Cooler is a very efficient design and when in good condition, no damaged fins and not packed with debris which would restrict air flow through the cooler fins, is capable of supporting 1000 Horsepower as proven for over a decade including on the Ninja Performance 914AWHP 881AWTQ shop car and owner Chris' daily driver car.

The OEM Oil Cooler is even more efficient when the stock side mount intercoolers are removed to upgrade to a front mount intercooler since the driver side OEM Side Mount Intercooler sits in front of the OEM Oil Cooler, blocking air flow to the Oil Cooler.

This Oil Cooler Hose Kit also replaces the 4 very restrictive stock banjo bolt fittings used on the OEM oil cooler hoses with Russell High Flow Metric to -8AN fittings. This greatly increases oil flow and efficiency as the flow of any system is only as good as the most restrictive part. The OEM banjo bolts are the most restrictive part in the OEM oil cooler system and greatly reduce the flow/efficiency of the oil cooler system.

Designed and built in House at Ninja Performance

Complete Pre Assembled Ready to bolt on kit replaces both oil cooler lines from Engine/Oil Filter Housing to OEM Oil Cooler and from the OEM Oil Cooler back to Engine/Oil Filter Housing.

Kit is built using Black or Red/Blue Anodized Russell Fittings and either Russell PRO FLEX Stainless Steel Braided Hose (recommended for abrasion resistance) or Russell PRO CLASSIC Black Nylon Braided with blue tracer hose.

As with all our Ninja Performance AN Fuel and Oil Hose Kits, this kit is built when ordered, allowing the customer to customize the kit to the exact colors and hose type. Choose Hose Type and Fitting Color in Available Options.

We do NOT use Push Lock hose/fittings or any other type of push on hose ends as seen in kits from other vendors. This has always been the case for all of our In house designed Oil and Fuel Kits we have been building and selling since 2001.

We only use proper reliable leak free Russell Full Flow High Pressure threaded screw together type fittings. We have heard of competitors Oil Cooler Lines using Push Lock ends and hose, ending in catastrophic failure when the Push Lock fitting blows out and off of the hose under high Oil Pressure situations. Be Careful where you save a few dollars. It could cost you a lot more in the long run.

(4) Russell Performance Metric to -8AN Fittings
(4) OEM Oil Gaskets/Seals
(2) Fully Assembled Braided Russell Hoses With -8AN Fittings

This kit was designed in house on multiple customer cars and our Shop Car to ensure compatibly with Original manufacturing variances and variances that occur over time in vehicles 20 plus years old due to changes in the body and front cross members/frame setup and possible accident history to the vehicle.
We took all these variances into account and built our Oil Cooler Hose Kit accordingly. We have since built and shipped almost 50 of these kits and installed 6 in our Service garage.
On some vehicles, the fitment may be tighter than others but we have not had any kits that just would not fit, this includes the almost 50 built and shipped to customers.
We have had 3 customers contact us stating it was tight and would not fit, but after making sure the hose orientation was correct and installing both hoses with all 4 fittings loosely installed then tightening each one down a little bit at a time, the kit installed as it should.

To ensure 100% fitment on ALL vehicles, which can vary slightly due to slight differences from car to car as noted above, even given the above noted fitment history with our customers and kits installed in our Service Garage, we have taken the feedback and reviews left here for the fitment of this kit being a little tight into consideration, and although ALL kits have fit we always strive to make our fuel and oil kits as easy to install as possible. We have listened to all of our customer's feedback and starting May 2017 this kit has been redesigned by adding the extra hose length customers stated would make installation easier and this update should cover any variances due to accidents, manufacturing tolerances and even the slight differences in where the engine sits due to different engine mounts.

This kit is for an OEM oil cooler placed in the OEM location. It is possible this hose kit will fit on non OEM oil coolers in the stock location that have the same Ports and port location as the OEM cooler.
The kit is made very precisely because -8AN hose does not have much give to take up for discrepancies in length, especially the Stainless Steel Braided hoses. So while it may fit onto a NON OEM oil cooler, it also may not.

Just like all of our in house designed and hand built Fuel Kits, this kit is built when the customer orders it to give the customer choices in hose types and fitting colors. For this reason we can't stock pre built kits. Build time can be as short as 1 week but at times may take 2 weeks before shipping. Please allow for this time when ordering.

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Orders ship within 5 business days except for custom order line/hose kits which can take 5-7 days. Shipping via USPS (tracked) unless otherwise requested. Any shipment that requires signature confirmation must provide a verified address.

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